At the application stage we assess only participant’s public and English speaking skills as well as understanding of the Beluga brand. Professional video is not required.
1. Applicant represents one of 9 participating countries
2. Applicant has reached legal drinking age
3. Video does not contain kids and/or pregnant women
4. Video is recorded in English.
5. Video’s message is clear and understandable
6. Video is taken at the bar and applicant looks appropriately to his/her working place
7. Applicant covers in his/her video all three topics: ‘luxury’, ‘gourmet’ and ‘Beluga’ and explains them through his own perspective.
8. Video does not promote irresponsible drinking, harassment and does not content any type of offensive message or behavior
9. Video is posted on OR in applicant’s social media with #belugasignature2018 tagging official Beluga vodka page
10. If posted in social media applicant’s profile shall be opened for organizers at least for the competition period
11. Applicant has submitted online registration form on