All recipes are assessed online by the local Beluga vodka brand team and local brand ambassadors under the general supervision of Philip Duff.


Recipe (0-10)

  • All the basic requirements described above are followed
  • Ingredients are balanced
  • Chosen technique fits the recipe in the best way.


Appearance/Garnish (0-10)

  • The color and consistency of the cocktail are unobtrusive yet attractive.
  • Look and presentation respects cosmopolitan spirit of the brand, its visual standards and style.
  • Cocktail is garnished.
  • Garnish is noble and sophisticated.
  • Participant should come up with the most flattering way of serving their cocktails.
  • Any type of glassware can be used.


Inspiration (0-10)

  • All contestants should describe their inspiration for the cocktail in English.
  • The story shall respect Beluga’s core values and standards.


Promotion (0-5)

Additional points can be gained through promotion of the drink in social media using hashtags #belugasignature2020 #belugavodka