step 1



Shoot a 1-2 min video introduction presenting yourself and your bar and explaining what terms “gourmet”, “luxury” and Beluga vodka mean to you. Video shall be recorded in English. Professional video is not required (Phone camera is enough).


Post the video in your social media (Facebook/Instagram) with #belugasignature2018 and tag official Beluga vodka page and/or upload this video on


Get shortlisted for Beluga Signature Bartender School. Places are limited. See assessment criteria here.


step 2


Beluga Signature Bartender School is a 1-day educational pop-up in your country which unites us with experts and industry leaders in the passion to what we do and desire to share the knowledge with crème de la crème of bartending community. View the timetable of carefully selected authors’ masterclasses by renowned speakers combined with unique brand experience here soon.

step 3


Create and submit a recipe and a picture of “Beluga Connoisseur’s Choice cocktail”.
List your serve in the venue and promote it by all possible means that are limited to your imagination only. Sales and creativity both count.
Share your ideas with us in social media by using hashtags #belugasignature #belugavodka #creatednotmade.

10 best authors will receive an additional secret task and personal invitation to the creative competition.

Only accessible for Beluga Signature Bartender School attendants

step 4


Complete a secret task and attend the Beluga Embassy in your country to showcase both the secret cocktail and Beluga Connoisseur’s choice cocktail in front of the panel of judges.
Secure your place in the Global Final and become the only national representative to travel to Sochi with bartenders from 8 other countries.
Make a mark in the history of Beluga Signature bartender program!