1. Participants are required to reinvent a classic vodka cocktail recipe by adding a local touch to it.
  2. Participants are required to use at least one ingredient from the area they originate or represent in the competition.
  3. The recipe should consider Beluga vodka’s character and combine nobility with modern attitude. The recipe has to correspond to the task described in p.1. and respect Beluga brand values and visual standards
  4. A drink shall not contain more than 5 ingredients in total including drops, dashes, syrups etc. Solid garnishes (e.g. an olive) are not counted as ingredients.
  5. Beluga vodka shall be the dominant spirit of the cocktail. The drink shall contain from 30 to 50 ml of Beluga vodka.
  6. The drink shall contain no more than 3 units of alcohol.
  7. The cocktail must be garnished.
  8. It is allowed to use homemade ingredients.
  9. Infusions and homemade blends are counted as 1 ingredient.
  10. Participant has to submit a short introduction/inspiration for the cocktail it in English.
  11. Participant can choose any Beluga Vodka type and glassware.
  12. The cocktail’s recipe, image and story behind the cocktail has to be uploaded to before February 28th, 2019.
  13. 30 applicants will be shortlisted for Beluga Signature Bartender School by the 10th March and get access to exclusive educational program Developed by Philip Duff in collaboration with renowned industry experts