Chelan Finney

Cecconi’s Dumbo, New York

Craig J. Schiedlo

Ousia, New York

step 1


Sign in for the author’s Beluga masterclass in your city to learn exclusive insider information about Beluga brand, its values and products. We partnered with the best spots in the country and created a special program featuring star bartenders to make sure you are well-prepared for the creative competition.

step 2


Create and submit a recipe and a picture of your drinks inspired by the noble spirit and exquisite taste of Beluga vodka. 15 best entrees per city will be shortlisted and invited to the creative competition to present their serves to the judges. Three winners from each city will proceed to the Promotion stage.
Download Creative competition rules & assessment list

Create two serves :

A classic cocktail serve with a local twist based on Beluga Noble vodka using signature ingredients from your region. The overall concept shall be authentic yet chick and sophisticated as Beluga brand is.


A creative Beluga Gold Line neat serve.
The overall concept shall be authentic yet chick and sophisticated as Beluga brand is.

step 3


Promote your serves by all possible means that are limited to your imagination only. Listing and sales can bring you additional points.
Share your ideas with us in social media by using hashtags #belugasignature #belugavodka #creatednotmade #masterednotmixed

(Only accessible through invitation links to semi-finalists)

step 4


Share your promotion achievements and attend a Beluga Embassy in your country to compete in a final secret challenge for one of the two tickets to Saint-Petersburg.
Secure your place among the strongest and make a mark in the history of Beluga Signature bartender program!